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*snip snip snip*

Is your scrapbook so stuffed that you can hardly get it out of the closet?  Have the pages worn over time?  Can you not read that article about Paul Revere's 7 bar of soap anymore because the ink is so faded?  Well, fear not, Raider Rooter--Your problems are solved!

Well, some of 'em, anyway...

This is my virtual scrapbook of Raiders articles and clippings.  I have many of them in my collection of teen magazines (which is still growing), but why keep all this fun to myself?  Here you'll find several different articles from the publications the boys have graced over the years, as well as a few clippings that have been shared with me.  The articles have been retyped and the accompanying pictures have been posted with them as well.  In short, I've tried to re-create the original magazine text and layout to the best of my ability.

All you have to do is click on the article titles and *WHOOSH*--You're back in the '60's, reading all about your fave rave group o'fun guys--Paul Revere and The Raiders.  Enjoy!



Revere's Raiders Rave It Up!
Paul Revere and The Raiders say "COME FLY WITH US!"
The Raiders Are Coming! - The Saginaw News
Join The Raiders Down On The Farm...
Paul Revere & The Raiders' "Santa Claus Contest!"
The Raiders Meet The Monkees
Mark & His Magic Time Machine
Smitty Goes Mad With Mark's Magic Time Machine
The Story of Paul Revere & His Rambunctious Raiders



Smitty Fax Sheet!
The Raiders Tell ALL About....SMITTY!
The Things I Hate & The Things I Love - Mike "Smitty" Smith
My Life In Pix - Mike "Smitty" Smith
Color Me Pink and Blue and Kiss Me!
20 (Unbelievable) Answers from Smitty!
"The 10 Things We Couldn't Live Without" by Smitty
You're Telling Me! - A 16 reader asks about Smitty's significant other...
Smitty's "Secret"
"The Truth About Me" - Mike "Smitty" Smith
Michael Leroy Smith - A brief bio from History ReBEATS Itself
"The Man Who Drummed" - An interview from Silverbird



Lookin' Back with Phil, Drake and Smitty


Who IS Art Raz? - A special page compiled by SmittyGirl...