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    What happens when Paul Revere and his Raiders get in one of their kooky moods?
    What doesn't?
    And how often does this sort of thing happen?  Oh, not very.  Say no more than every hour on the hour!
    But the real question is what happens when this sort of thing happens on camera instead of off?  When the Raiders are right in the middle of filming "Where The Action Is", for instance?
    The answer is on these two pages.  So's the action.

From the May 1966 issue of Teen Screen Magazine...

Mark Lindsay grins and bears
a last minute nose-powdering.

Phil says, "Wonder what would happen if I pulled this little tabbie thingie here?"

The Top Ten Board was empty when the Raiders
came on stage, and the fun began........

Pardon the pun, but isn't this just like them?

Just Like Us...  Just Like Her...  Just Like Him...  Just Like Smitty...  Just Like Drake...  Just Like Fang...

"Here we go again," sighs D.C.

Smitty: "I'd like to thank the Academy for this award, along with my producers...  Thanks, Mom and Dad!"

The Raiders RULE the Top Ten!  REALLY!

Left: Take a look at the board now!!
Below: Paul remains unruffled when
he starts having piano-type problems.
Paul: "What?  Huh?  Hey, wait a minute..."

(on camera cut-ups)

But he soon discovers why and changes his tune!

Phil Volk performs the very first ORGAN TRANSPLANT!

And the fun just never ends....

GAAAAAAAH!!!      YAAAAAAAAH!!!      OOOOOOOOOH!!!        (It's a Raider scaring contest...)