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From the July 1967 issue of 16 Magazine...

Dear Miss Stavers,
    I'd like to find out exactly when SMITTY's birthday is, and I'd also like to know if he is married.  I read somewhere that he is.

Carol Fletcher

Detroit, Mich.


Dear Carol,
    SMITTY's real birthday is March 27.  He has been quietly married to his childhood sweetheart SUSAN for several years.  SMITTY has never denied that he is married or tried to hide this fact.  On the other hand, he hasn't gone around blabbing about it either.  He, like many other young stars, had hoped to keep his private life
private, so as not to subject his family to curiosity seekers or fan harassment.  However, since so many of you are genuinely interested and have expressed delight at the idea that he may be happily married and have a child -- SMITTY himself has given us permission to reveal his indeed happy marriage and show you this first picture of him, his son RORY and his wife SUE.  More in a later issue of 16.  SMITTY is really overjoyed to learn that you care so much.


WEBMISTRESS' NOTE: If anyone knows where Rory and Sue are these days, please let me know!
I would love to hear from them and know they're okay.

Honestly, I'd love to hear from ALL of Smitty's family...  Just want to make sure you're all well.  I send my love to all of you!