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From the September 1967 issue of 16 Magazine...From the September 1967 issue of 16 Magazine...From the September 1967 issue of 16 Magazine...





The three ex-Raiders, now the Brotherhood, reminisce about the day when they first
met, got acquainted and the good times had when they played with Paul Revere.


  PHIL: "I remember when Drake and I first began running around together.  It was in the summer in Idaho.  We started pickin' cherries and ended up pickin' guitars.  Eventually, the two of us got a small group.  I remember that Mike Smith sat in with us a few times."

  SMITTY: "I remember seeing Drake and Phil together in a teen nightclub Paul Revere had built.  One thing I couldn't forget after listening to them was that I thought they were a 'little touched in the head' -- and that they smiled a lot."

  DRAKE: "Then the end of the summer came and Phil went away to college.  I joined Smitty in the group he was in -- Paul Revere and the Raiders.  We became fast friends, but I missed not having Phil in the group.  After a year, he joined us.  We did some recording and got on Action, and generally had a good time."

  PHIL: "Then Drake had to leave the group and go into the service.  Revere & the Raiders continued with Jim 'Harpo' Valley on the guitar.  Although we were enjoying great success and we loved what we were doing, for Smitty and me a little of our old spirit was missing."

  DRAKE: "I remember when I got back from the Army, I had short hair and a suntan.  Smitty and Phil were the only

 ones who recognized me at first glance.  We wrote a lot of songs together and we dreamed of producing our own records."

  SMITTY: "It was great when Drake came back with the group for Paul Revere & the Raiders' spring tour.  We were back on the road again, playing together again -- we were really having a ball."

  PHIL: "The inevitable had to happen.  Though we loved being with Paul Revere & the Raiders, Drake, Smitty and I realized that our own day was coming.  We felt that we should and must do our own songs in our own group.  We felt that no one could be a Raider forever, no matter how much fun it was."

  DRAKE: "We went to Paul and explained to him how we felt and what we wanted.  The kind of music Phil, Smitty and I love most of all is really quite different from the Raider hard-rock sound.  After talking with Paul, we began to make plans to form the Brotherhood and start cutting records, which we hope you will love as much as we will love making them for you."

  ALL OF US: "Now we are relaxing, practicing and thinking about the future.  We want our music to be magic, so that it lifts you out of yourself and gives you a very, very special feeling about life and love."