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Paul says of Mike: "Smitty" -- the drummer.  He would probably have been a mad scientist if I had not discovered him.  Smitty will spend hours building booby traps and bombs to set off at the least expected moment.  Smitty refers to himself as being the smartest man in the world.  There is nothing he doesn't know.  Just ask him.  I think he is the funniest man in the world.  When we are on stage, or on TV, you have to look close to catch the funny things he does.  He is a great imitator and is just as insane as his idol, Jonathan Winters.  He seems to be the quiet member of the group, but suddenly he hops atop a table in a restaurant and fakes a heart attack, causes a terrible scene and then just casually walks away, leaving hysteria behind him.  Last seen chewing an enormous wad of gum and blowing small bubbles!
Mark says of Mike: Compact, square-pawed, muscular, bushy-haired Smitty.  Jack of all trades, Indian fighter, skin diver, Mexican bandido, boxer, con man and drummer.  In short, the smartest man in the world.  Ask him.  Smitty invents words and will not follow the herd.  He is a man set apart.  A man of distinction.  Smitty, who always knows the best course to follow -- "You'll never get ahead that way, fellas" -- should have been a king or an emperor or a president instead of a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band.  If we follow Smitty's advice, we cannot help but become rich and famous for, as he says, "Follow me, guys, and you'll be wearing radishes as big as pearls."
Phil says of Mike: Smitty is the master of the unexpected.  When you least expect it, Smitty will cut you with a karate chop and begin to do the Charoquois Indian war dance around you as you lay on the ground quivering.  He means no harm, though; he just has a strange sense of humor.  He is also an expert at fake heart attacks.  I'd say this is definitely Smitty's bag.  Smitty has hitch-hiked across the country more times than all of us put together.  He has plenty of stories to tell about his travels.  He has never recovered from the time his yacht sank in Depot Bay off the coast of Portland.  Smitty is all man -- and a very likeable guy!
Drake says of Mike: Smitty is a groove.  He is always on time, ready to go, never borrows and never bugs anyone.  He irritates me because he is so groovey.  He is the "beat" of the band.  He's got a beautiful mind and a great sense of humor.  He does all kinds of things and will do more.  He's a friend.

From the March 1966 issue of 16 Magazine...