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From the October 1966 issue of 16 Magazine...

HERE I AM, mighty Mike Smith -- one of those well-known roaring Raiders.  And I am about to give you easy, step-by-step instructions on "How To Paint A Portrait Of Smitty."  I assume that you all have an easel, board, paint set, pallet (the artistic kind, not the floor kind) and brush -- rarin' to get goin'.


First, you take a brush, dab it in some paint and make a half circle -- just like thees.


You complete the circle, mess up the picture, turn the board over -- and begin again with a great burst of inspired enthusiasm.


For the hair, you will need a very beeg brush -- for everybody knows that Smitty has lots and lots of beautiful hair (right Mark?).


And then, you know what you have?  That's right -- you have a very BEEG MESS.  But fear not, 16 will take care of everything.  They painted me (see next page, sweetheart) -- and now all you have to do is kiss me!