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From the July 1967 issue of Flip Magazine...

"The 10 Things We
Couldn't Live Without"

Smitty realizes just how COLD that studio floor is when he's not wearing shoes....


1. My large brown sombrero, worn by everyone.

2. My rock from the top of Stone Mountain, which I picked up on the only day off we had on our 37-day tour.

3. A book about the Constitution, given to me by the Mayor of Boston.

4. One pair of spurs formerly owned by Chuck Edwards, an unknown cowboy.

5. One Tiki carvey of wood...I carved it in front of an Indian cabin in 1961.

6. My rare South American guitar, a "tiplu."

7. A seven-ton rock used for a diving board, which is shaped like a big cherry and comes from the Painted Hills.

8. One statue of a man holding a book...which doesn't have a title yet.

9. A hand-woven Indian blanket.

10. My memories of the last five years with The Raiders.