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C'mon and join the boys as
they frolic with
Mother Nature!
It's a RIOT!

From the November 1966 issue of 16 Magazine...

IT WAS A lucky day for R & R--and you 16 pussycats--when farmer Ralph Brown invited Paul and the boys to spend an afternoon relaxing on his beautiful farm just outside of Bristol, Wisconsin.  The irrepressible Raiders didn't do much relaxing, cos (each Raider having been brought up on farms) they were groovin' running around and posing for 16's cameras, with everything from the local livestock to the crabapple tree.  So let loose, swing--and join the fun down on the farm with Paul Revere & the Raiders!



"First, we want you to meet our new buddy -- Farmer Brown.  Do you like the jazzy t-shirt we gave him?"

Green Acres has some new tenants...


When they said Mark was a swinger, I guess they were right!
"How'd you like to swing on my swing?
And here's a dandelion for you to blow on
and make a wish."

 "T'ain't his swing -- it's my swing!  But
you're still welcome aboard.  Dig my hat?"

Eat your heart out, Little Joe.
 "T'ain't his hat -- it's my hat.  And shortly
after this pic was taken, someone copped
it off the bus.  Was it you?"


"Speaking of has -- how does this one
grab you, pussycat?"

"Or worse -- I mean, better -- yet, how
about this little number?  Mark who?  My
name is Fang!"

"We're putting this horse under the Raider Witness Protection Program...  He's now a cow."
"Well, guess who ended up with Harpo's
chapeau?  That's right -- 'Star', Farmer
Brown's horse!"


"This, little ones, is a gen-yoo-wine bull
steer.  Please don't want red flags!"

He finally got that wascawwy wabbit!
"And this is a beautiful, soft, fuzzy,
friendly boy -- I mean, bunny."

"What's a farm without a great, big,
groovey doggie?  He's the one on the left,


"How do us millionaires relax?  Why, driv-
ing about in our Rolls Royces -- that's how."

*heh heh heh*
"Hey, little girl -- wanta meet me be-
hind the crabapple tree?"


"Wah-hoo!  Watch out, corn fields, here
we come!"

"We've recruited a sixth Raider to play cow bell!"
"Now, what's so funny about a cow named Mark --?"


"When Good Raiders Go Bad" -- Film at 11...
"Aw, gee -- Farmer Brown -- please let us out!  We'll be good boys -- we promise!"