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From the December 1965 issue of 16 Magazine...


Full real name: Michael "Smitty" Smith, and I was born in Portland, Oregon, just 21 years ago.  I am five feet eight inches tall, weigh 150 pounds, have brown hair and eyes.
Where living now: I abide underneath a big, brown sombrero.
Faves --
    Singers: Ray Charles, Linda Scott, James Brown and Salvador Dali.
    Groups: Sonny and Cher, Beatles, Boris and Natasha of Bullwinkle.
    Actors: Paul Newman.
    TV Shows: Password and Day In Court.
    Foods: French dip sandwiches, chiliburgers and catsup.
    Colors: Black, red and grey.
    Hobbies: Spreading mirth and merriment and picking flowers.
    Sports: Flower arranging and motor-biking.
What do you look for in a girl?: Lungs, muscles, eyes, teeth, etc. -- all arranged properly, of course.
What is your ultimate ambition?: To be comfortably warm, emotionally stable and disgustingly rich.