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Smitty had more hair at 11 months than *I* did!
The Smith's first family portrait was taken when Mike was 11 months old.


Have a peek at the personal album of a Raider raver!

Playing under the sink when he was two years old.

One time, Jerry picked on Mike a little too much...and Mike removed Jerry's two front teeth for him!
Mike was three when this picture was taken of him and his older brother, Jerry.

At five, Mike got his first pony.  What a thrill!
The Lone Ranger's fiercest competition...


Mike and Jerry get ready for a "costume" party.
I still wonder what or who they're going as...  Lucy and Ethel?


Mom Mildred, Scout Mike, Dog Fido and Dad Howard pose prettily.
Mike earns a merit badge...

It was a definite sign of things to come...
Mike got his first set of drums when he was ten.

At 12, he got another--better--set.


Mike in his high school graduation gown.


(*SmittyGirl faints*)
Mike as he looks today--and that's some kinda pretty good!



Drake, Mark and Smitty in the early Raider days at a record party in Beaverton, Ore.
Check out the DA's...  EARLY days!