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     SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1966                                                                THE SAGINAW NEWS                   

Paul Revere, Raiders Are Coming!


We all know it was Paul Revere who rode through the streets crying, "The British are coming!"  But things have changed, and now it is us who are crying, "Paul Revere and the Raiders are coming!"

Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay, Drake Levin, Phil (Fang) Volk and Mike (Smitty) Smith were first recognized after having been regulars on the TV show "Where the Action Is."  Paul and his Raiders are now one of the top groups in the world and THE top group in the States.

They like what they are doing and this makes everybody happy.  These are full of pure and true showmanship.  Seen on TV it seems that their energy and enthusiasm cannot be surpassed by anyone but themselves.

Dressed in their traditional three-cornered hats, lacy shirts and long coats, they Raiders put on a great show no matter where they perform.  Saginaw will be no exception.  On July 7 they will do things more vivaciously, probably, than any other group that's been around.  There concert here will be exciting; capacity crowds are anticipated by Daniel's Den, which is sponsoring them here.

You can be sure that these guys are all-American.  They go for milk (Fang!), hamburgs and almost anything in the way of food.  And you can be sure that they get many different types of food because of their traveling.

They'll be here -- literally, here -- at the Veteran's Memorial Stadium on Holland Avenue.  If you're smart, you won't miss them!

*    *    *