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TAKE A LOOK at the beautiful young lady and the adorable, irresistible youngster in these two pictures -- and you'll wonder why ex-Raider Mike "Smitty" Smith deprived the world of the unique pleasure of meeting his wife, Susie, and their three-and-a-half-year-old son, Rory, for so long!  The fact of the matter is that Smitty was reluctant to reveal his marriage (though he never ever denied it) because he wished to protect his family from overenthusiastic fans and to guard Rory's right to privacy during his formative years.  But now that so many of you have expressed the desire to meet Smitty's lovely family, he takes pleasure in presenting them to you for the very first time right here in 16 Magazine.

    Mike Smith and Susan Moore (both of Beaverton, Oregon) were married on June 7, 1963, in Stevenson, Washington, in -- of all places -- a barber shop!  The barber in Stevenson was also the only Justice of the 

Peace there.  Mike and Susan had known each other for six years and had been engaged for about one year.  On January 6, 1964, they welcomed their first child, Rory.

    The way things are now, it looks as though Smitty, Susan and Rory are going to live happily ever after in their Mediterranean-type home in Northridge, Calif. -- overlooking the beautiful San Fernando Valley.

    Smitty, as you know (along with Phil Volk), recently left the Raiders to go out on his own.  Smitty, Phil and Drake Levin have formed a new group -- which will probably be called the Brotherhood.

From the August 1967 issue of 16 Magazine...