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From the August 1966 issue of 16 Magazine...

    I LOVE writing -- though I'm not too good at it.
    I LOVE reading and listening; that's the way you learn things, you know.
    I LOVE singing, and I hope you love it when I do.
    I LOVE looking, smelling, tasting, laughing and eating.
    I LOVE swimming, fishing and riding.
    I LOVE treasure maps and diving for sunken treasure.
    I LOVE to day-dream.
    I LOVE Art Raz.

    I HATE dirty silverware.  You know, like you're in a diner and all hungry and you start to dig in and bango -- there are some old dried eggs on the back.  Phew!
    I HATE the cheap junk that most stores carry today, like artificial flowers, plastic furniture and cheap wrought-iron crapoolies.
    I HATE white or red sox.  I hate thick sox.  I hate sox that slide down in your shoes.
    I HATE girls who make a lot of noise and who are loud in any way.
    I HATE mistakes and waste -- even though I'm guilty of doing both at times.
    I HATE guaranteed - never - to - wear-out products that do -- and usually in a matter of days or hours.  (Then you have to do hours of paperwork to get the company to send your money back.)
    I HATE someone trying to make up my mind for me.  I'd rather do it myself, Ma!
    I HATE a lot of the United States' foreign policies.
    I HATE flies more than anything!
    I HATE unfriendly girls.
    I HATE phonies and the large amount of people who put down something just because they don't really understand it.

    I LOVE music.  It's an integral (look it up) part of my life.
    I LOVE trees, mountains, streams, beaches, sand, sunshine, wind and all of nature.
    I LOVE art films, especially those with Julie Christie in them.
    I LOVE well-tailored clothes, but never have time for proper fittings, so I usually buy ready-made things that don't fit right.
    I LOVE Senator Fulbright's reasoning.  He is a liberal when it comes to American's foreign policy.
    I LOVE gentle, curious, friendly girls.
    I LOVE girls who scream for us when we perform.
    I LOVE skin-diving in Honamu Bay in Hawaii.  I once saw a big ugly fish coming after me -- and I was plenty scared, but it turned out to be Revere.
    I LOVE science and complex mechanical devices -- Tick-tock!
    I LOVE girls with a natural look who are happy with just being themselves.