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From the 1966 Raider Concert Tour Book..."THE TRUTH

  ABOUT ME"   by Mike "Smitty" Smith


FULL REAL NAME:  Really, my name is Michael LeRoy Smith, but everyone calls me "Smitty."
BIRTHDATE & PLACE:  I was born on March 2, 1943 in Portland, Oregon in the Emanual Hospital. *
PERSONAL DATA:  I weigh 150 pounds and am 6 feet and two inches tall--sometimes; usually I'm 5 feet and seven inches tall with brown hair and eyes.
FAMILY INFO:  My mom and dad live in Beaverton, Ore. and I have one brother, one dog and one ghost named Rhaolph.
HOME INFO:  I'm living in a lovely modern house in L.A., but will soon be moving into a large house near North Ridge, Calif.
INSTRUMENTS PLAYED:  Drums.  I decided to be a drummer because I couldn't play guitar.
SINGING GROUPS:  Groups I listen to are as follows: Sonny & Cher, the Beatles and Boris & Natasha of Bullwinkle.
INDIVIDUAL SINGERS: I really dig James Brown and Ray Charles.

ACTOR AND ACTRESS: My favorites from the movies are: Paul Newman, Lyndon Johnson, the Roadrunner and Liz and Dick.
TV SHOWS: I try to catch Password and Day In Court when I get a moment for TV.
COLORS: My favorite colors are Black, camouflage Red and plain Grey.
FOODS: I go for French Dip sandwiches and Chili Burgers and Catsup, straight.
HOBBIES: My hobby is spreading mirth and merriment; every now and then I pick a few flowers.
SPORTS:  Flower pickers must arrange as well, but my true sport is motorcycles.
WHAT LOOKED FOR IN A GIRL: I look for a stomach, set of lungs, muscles, bones, blood, etc. all properly arranged in a girl.  I dislike phoneys.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO ON A DATE?: I enjoy going out to hear other performers.
BUSINESS PLANS AND AMBITIONS: I look forward to being sickeningly wealthy.
PERSONAL PLANS AND AMBITIONS: I hope to be comfortably warm and emotionally stable.


* WEBMISTRESS' NOTE: It was a common practice for the teen mag editors to change birthdays of some of the stars.
I would just like to point out that Smitty's birthday is actually March 27, 1942.  Bake a cake and celebrate for him!