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More Smitty pictures!  Remember, click on any image to see a larger version of it.

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"Typical Smitty." - Phil Volk, 2001  Know what record he's playing?  Ravi Shankar.  Pin-up from 16 Magazine...  "And one and two and one and two..."  *SmittyGirl swoons*

An early pic!  Behind the drums...and dig that crazy jacket!  One from the Tiger Beat offices...  *pop*  How many of you knew that Smitty also played piano?

During an "Action" shoot in San Francisco, 1966...  (Thanks to Diva for this one!)  Wearing Raider roadie Hoss' hat...  "YAAAAAAAAAH!!!"  Smits was sent to the corner for naughty Raiders...again...  C'mon now--Stand up straight, suck in that gut!  (What gut?)

I found a leprechaun!  Oh, no--Wait...  That's just Smitty...  Pondering...  ...and adjusting that pesky top collar button...  ...but it's worth it for this shot.  MISSING: Smitty's eyebrows.  LAST SEEN: Hidden under his bangs.

There's that weird little jacket again...  If only Smitty would comb his hair!  What--You say he *did*???  In the studio, probably around 1967...  AT - TI - TUDE!

It's a two-fer-one special on this one, kiddos...  "Ahoy!  Welcome to the S.S. Action!  I'll be your, I mean.... your Go-Fer..."  Ladies and gentlemen, Smitty on GUITAR!

Dick Clark gets personal with Der Schmidt!  Well, kinda...
(Screen captures from WTAI...)

Dick: "I'm here today with one of those young men, Mike Smith - Smitty..."  "Eh, well..."  *scratch scratch*  "It's, uh...."  *scratch*  Dick: "How would you describe Paul Revere?"  Smitty: "Hmm..."  Paul: "WATCH IT!"

Dick: "And what about Mike Smith?"  Smitty: *whistle whistle whistle*  Smitty wonders if he should *really* answer that question...  If that grin doesn't get the best of you, nothing will.

"Puttin' on my top hat, tyin' up my tails..."  Smitty, what happened to your shirt?  *leering*    Whose backyard was this taken in?  *swoon*

Phil is in this picture, too.  Can you find him?  Smitty's got that weird jacket on again, only this time, it's in COLOR!  *plink*  *plunk*  *plink*  *ka-thoing*

Giving Fang a run for his money... SMILE!  "Oooh!  It has an echo!"  Now, THAT'S a cheesy grin.

He's the more spiritually connected Raider...  Dig that hooka, man!  Thoughtful...and again, the bangs are hiding the eyebrows...

    Yet another 16 Magazine pin-up...  "I've got a rock and I'm not afraid to use it!"  "Alright, you asked for it!"  *grrrr*  This was most likely taken the same day they filmed the "Our Candidate" segment for *Action*...  "Oh yeah?"

I'm starting to think that *everything* surprises little Smitty...  I'd like this in an 8"x10", suitable for framing, please...  That 70's Smit!  Smitty in the desert?  It *must* be a mirage...



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