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ACTION!  ACTION!  ACTION!: The Raiders are the undisputed stars of Where The Action Is...  They're in every teen magazine on the newsstand...  They're packing concert halls and stadiums everywhere...

Shots from Action, performances....and just plain fun!

The Raiders at Big Bear -- That's where the Action pilot episode was filmed...  The boys on the beach...  And who's that *other* guy?  Can you believe those sweet little baby faces?  They're definitely up to something.
Paul Revere & The Waiters?!?  "That's it!  We protest being called 'waiters'!"
I know you've seen it a million times, but this picture STILL rocks.  So there.  Typical Raider rave-up!  Drake and Phil on the amps and Smitty on the drums!  You GO, guys!
Somewhere, there's bound to be a sign that says "No Loitering"...  We stuffed five Raiders into a car -- Just to prove a point!

This looks so much like a class picture...  It's the Pocket Rock Musician!  He's so handy and convenient, you can carry him anywhere!  Surely these guys were in Drama Class in high school...
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!  Coming soon to a store near you: Wind-up Raider Action Figures  The Rockettes ain't got nothin' on these guys...

Paul, Mark, Drake--Look over here!  Smitty--Wake up!  Phil--Behave!  Okay, guys, that's better... No, wait...  Drake--You're spooking me with THAT look.  Smitty--Quit tying knots in Mark's ponytail!  Sorta reminds you of Dracula, huh?  Except much better looking.  WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!
Drake and Phil doin' the Nooney Rickett...on top of Paul's piano!  It's the Hullabaloo A-Go-Go!
Five in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over..."  Yes, boredom can even strike Raiders at any given moment.  (Look alive, fellas.)
Toasting another success!  Hey--Looks like Gloria Stavers came to the party, too!
Someone please tell those three in the back to S-M-I-L-E...  That's better!
CAUTION: This musical act is under construction...or something like that...  Here's a first--Raiders all looking serious!  Taking advantage of their enormous popularity, the Raiders release the very first swimsuit calendar...
Those early American beach parties sure were something else, weren't they?  It's the cast of *Where The Action Is!* and Dick Clark!

OH, BABY--COME ON: How many of you rushed home to watch Action every afternoon?
So did millions of others!