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This portion of the Photo Gallery is devoted solely to pictures of Smitty, including several candid shots!
Remember, click on any image to see a larger version of it.

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These pictures are all courtesy of Susan Finn.  Stop by her Brotherhood site for more!
Thanks so much, Susan!

These two are from an Action shoot...

"They told me to come down to the docks--Didn't say anything about changing outta my jammies!"  "Yeah, I can't figure out this crazy hat either..."

(Here you can see Der Schmidt in his natural habitat...)

Smitty and some unidentified birds...  Subliminal message: "HAVE A COKE!"  In a hotel room at an undisclosed location...  Cute cap, fella.  Sorry, but the film shoot for "Help!" left weeks ago.....
"Hey!  What're you doing here?"  This might be a post-concert pic - Note the folded up chairs.  "Waiting, waiting, waiting..."  Is it just me or are the buttons on Smit's jacket HUGE?

After a concert in 1966...  Smitty and Drake at Monterey Pop!  The blonde on the left is Sue Smith and the blonde on the right is Tina Mason.

During the Brotherhood days, Susan and her friends would visit Phil, Drake and Smitty.

Even kinda scuzzy-looking, he's *still* charming.  "Shave?  Me?  You mean, right now?"  *heh heh heh*
I would *love* to know just what he's thinking here...  *SmittyGirl swoons yet again*  "I don't think it was really the dog...  I think it might have been Buddha..."

Smitty would sit on the floor with them all, talking philosophy for hours... 

Meet Ilyse Johnson...who met the Raiders in 1969 at the Wisconsin State Fair!
She and a friend met them again in Chicago later that same year.
You can visit Ilyse's site for a little slice of Jacamily life!

Ilyse and Smitty - Look at those smiles!  And cute glasses, too!

Thank you, Ilyse! 

These pictures were a virtual gift from Barbara Baker, who unfortunately passed away in October of 2001.
I'm eternally grateful to you, Barbara.
(Take care of yourself, girl.  I know that you and Smitty have a lot of catching up to do now...)

I'm wondering what's in the garment bag...  Raider uniform perhaps?  Note the bus...  And all this time, I bet you thought the Raiders had a big cushy RV or something...  "I'd love to stop for another picture, but man, I gotta go!"  Generous shot of those woolly sideburns!  YES!!!
This one looks rather ethereal to me...  Signing a tour book...  Note he is a lefty...  That white jacket got a lot of use, too, didn't it?  Smitty in Duluth...
Smitty and the Irrelevant Susie...  On stage with Steve Alaimo, 1967...  Heading to his plot more practical jokes!  Looking rather amused...

Barbara remembered Smitty as a sweet, kind gentleman...although she did mention that
it sure felt awkward to tower over him at 5'10".  Smitty was only about 5'7"!



Please email me if you have pictures you would like to share--I'll make sure to list your name on the page!