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Smitty Candids The Gratuitous Smitty Section

HOPPIN' AND BOPPIN': Since Action is a Dick Clark Production, it isn't long until The Raiders are performing on American Bandstand as well...  They have an incredible following...  Each of the guys has a fan club of his own...  And we're not done yet...

"It's so neat to meet your baby where the action is!"
More Action shots, performances, and typical Raider zaniness...

Drake looks like he's plotting some mischief over there....  It's up to the Gemini Twins to carry the show while Paul, Mark and Smitty tend to the organ!  Dick: "So explain to us again why you're the lead singer, but you're not Paul Revere..."
"Here Dick--You get to wear the fun hat!"   "What's it like bein' a TV host?"   "You got any spare change?  Lemme see!"  "So, you wanna tell us how long you've been playing the guitar?"   "The what???"
Drake and Phil in Detroit...  Why is Mark on the floor?  You counting ceiling tiles, Marcus?  The boys do "Kicks" on *Hullabaloo*....
Drake, Phil and Mark in Baltimore...  Another concert--Another packed house!  "And all you people over there!  And standin' in the corner!  And out in the parking lot!"  Drake, Phil and Smitty await their next cue...
The guys are checking out what Cleveland has to offer...  I think it was a midnight ride, Paul, not midday...  FORWARD!  YAAAH!  Hey, wait a minute...
Our all-American boys are set to defend our musical shores against the British Invasion!  Ride Your Pony!  OOOOOO-EEEEEE!  It's hard to be humble.....when you're a Fang.

A reeeeeaally nice group shot....but where's Drake?  Happy Birthday, Uncle Paul!  Ya wanna count yer candles?  HERE!!
You can blow all you like, but I don't think you're gonna get anything outta those drumsticks, Smitty.  Another nice shot...  Smitty and Paul...  Woohoo!  Hail, hail, the gang's all here!
The boys and Greedy Manager Roger Hart...  There's something missing here...  "Leaning On The Lamp Post!"  No, that was Herman's Hermits...
Drake looks on as Paul gives Smitty a shot of rhythm and blues while Phil holds him steady...  Let US help you get ready for the Army, Drake!  You're gonna make a groovy soldier...  Paul, Mark, Phil, Drake, Smitty and.....Harpo?  Go to the next page to find out more!

YOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW: The Raiders are on top...  Drake gets drafted...  What's a top pop rock group to do when they've lost their lead guitarist to Uncle Sam?