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Workin' Their Mojo Action, Action, Action Even More Action The Harpo Era Last Blast
Smitty Candids The Gratuitous Smitty Section

WE NEED A NEW LEAD: The Raiders lose Drake to the Army...  They gain Jim Valley...  Jim gains a nickname: "Harpo"...  There is still much Action to be had...

Inside Columbia Studios with producer Terry Melcher...

I think it would sound better if we added this here....  Nah...  I think it would be better *this* way, Terry...  Was this taken by the studio security camera?
Another "surveillance" shot...  Hey Phil--Where ya goin'?  "Y'know what I think, Paul?"      "What're you telling him over there???"
Paul, Phil, Harpo, Smitty and Mark with Terry Melcher...

More Action, more Raider Rooting...

Please don't eat the daisies--er, carnations...  Fish-eye lenses were popular back then...  Hello down there!
Alright, now everybody smile and say "Art Raz!"  Everyone looks real good in this pic....but Harpo moved his hands!  Tonight on Raider Theater: "Upstairs, Downstairs"
Roger: "Something about those smiles spells trouble, guys..."  This picture cracks me up....  I bet you can't guess why!
And THEN what happened, Paul Revere?  Uhhhh......

(Screen captures from WTAI...)

This gives new meaning to putting the Raiders on the ol' turntable, doesn't it?  "Where'd that stool come from?"
Smitty can't find his drum, while Paul can't figure out what to do with Phil's bass...  *trudge trudge trudge*  *heh heh heh*
Smitty: "I found my cymbal!"  Paul: "I hear you, but I can't see you!  Stupid hat!"  Phil: "What?  No no no, Smitty--There's no room over here!  It's too crowded!"  Phil: "Smitty?  SMITTY?"  *zhoooom*  "Whoops..."
Phil: "That's it--I'm playing the STOOL now!"  Smitty: "I got yer guitar and I'm not afraid to use it!"  Mark: "I've got dibs on the organ!"  *BWOING*

Smitty runs for public office?
(Screen captures from the "Our Candidate" sequence on WTAI...)

"Friends...  And I do call you my friends...  It's great to be here!"  "I've been coming around to these things for a lot of years now and..."  "You remember the speech, Smitty?"
"Vote for Smitty!"   "Action Kids for Smitty!"   "Myra Votes For FANG!"  *glug glug glug*  Gads, what was IN that water?!?
"They both ran out of potential friends in the matter of just one day..."  "When it came to the truth, there was nothing left--They couldn't find a place to stay..."  This rally paid for by The Raider Committee To Put Mike Smith In Office.  Thank you for your support!

LOOK, MA--TOP OF THE WORLD!: Action is still one of the top afternoon TV shows...
Things are great for the guys--What could possibly go wrong?