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PICTURES!  PICTURES!  PICTURES!  Who doesn't like them?  Especially when it's of these guys!  Here you'll find several shots of the Raiders, divided into the appropriate sections.

Click any of the pictures to see them in a larger size.

Workin' Their Mojo Action, Action, Action Even More Action The Harpo Era Last Blast
Smitty Candids The Gratuitous Smitty Section

THE EARLY DAYS: The Raiders play dance halls and teen events...  They have a "Crisco Barrel"...  Mark splits his pants and Paul sets the piano on fire...  And they have a bassist named Mike "Doc" Holladay...

They got their mojo workin'...  Now, will it work on you?

Yes, Virginia -- There IS a Crisco Barrel...  Drake and Doc used to swing their guitars at each other and DARE the other one not to duck!  Another packed house...
Drake Levin and Doc Holladay -- Baby-faced, aren't they?  L - R: Smitty, Drake, Doc, Paul and Mark
You may recognize this from the cover of "Here They Come!" -- It was taken on a golf course.  No no no, it's NOT the Beatles!  Here They Come!  (Are you ready?)

THE RAIDERS GET A PIECE OF THE ACTION!: Doc leaves...  Fang joins up...  The boys get on a national TV show and become teen pop idols...

All of these pictures were taken at Clark Gable's ranch on the same day...

Just Like Us! -- Note Drake hiding behind the porch post...  Look a little familiar?  (Drake--Get out from behind there!)  Yeah, we're just hangin' out and stuff...  Someone tell Little Red Riding Hood it's not the Big Bad Wolf in the woods that she needs to watch out for!
  Hmm...  Looking pensive there, boys...  Half-time!  Switch sides, guys...  Same wall, different clothes.  *heh*
This is a *beautiful* group shot...  ...And it's even better in COLOR!
Hi down there!  Mr. Gable's new gardening staff inspects the foliage...  Minutes later, they remember they're not really gardeners at all...

Another crazy photo session, this time at Leon's Rage of the Lock Barber Shop...

Someone said we needed a haircut, so we're getting one....  One cut hair.  *hah*  Raging at the Rage of the Lock!
Does my coat have all its buttons?  Does my hair look alright?  Anyone seen my wallet???  Smitty is somewhat amused over Mark measuring his ponytail...  Now, just hold still Smitty -- This won't hurt a bit...  Really...  Who *are* those handsome lads over there?
All-American...  ...and proud of it!
  Hold your glasses way up high, way up high, way up high...  A toast to....Raider Rout Stout!  *glug glug*  Ahh, they're singin' again....  That must be good stuff!