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SUCH A GOOD THING: The Raiders are still the top group on Action...  There are whispers of a Raider movie...  Gold records abound!  What next for our boys in the Revolutionary waist coats?

Photo shoots and Action shots--More fun than a barrel of...Raiders!

Next time on Raider Theater: "Downstairs, Upstairs"  Someone needs to trim the rosebush!  Oh, c'mon, Mark--Smile like the rest of the guys!
Phil has a Gonk and he's not afraid to use it!  SmittyGirl is thankful for those windy days....  Yes, she is....  *heh*  Here we see the wild Fang in his natural habitat...

(More screen captures from WTAI...)

Phil: "Do-wah-diddy-diddy-what?"  Smitty: "Diddy-DO!"  The rest of the guys play while Mark has a ball....literally.  Note Smitty has dropped his pick inside his guitar...
Harpo - Look out behind you!  Smitty: "BWAHAHAAA!!!"  *bonk*

The Greatest Hits photo session...

Red vinyl in black and white!  (You got all that?)  This is how that "Greatest Hits" picture *should* have looked -- Waist UP.  More black and white red vinyl.  Uh-huh.
RED vinyl!  Woohoo!  Does anyone realize how much hard work goes into being so cute?  Hey-hey!  I know!  I know!  Pick me!
The REAL reason half the group isn't wearing their boots: They FORGOT them.  Roger's not buyin' it.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Smitty -- The Shoeless Wonder!  Note the extension cord...  This picture was originally supposed to have been from the waist UP.  Looks like the photographer thought it should have been otherwise...

Do you have the Spirit of '67?  What a spirit to have, too...

The guys groove it up with some girly dancers...  Bumfuzzled...  And all chaos ensues when they swap instruments!  (Is Smitty playing that organ with his FACE?)
"Blast into 1967 with Paul Revere and the Raiders!"

More latter-day pix from Where The Action Is!

CAVEMAN!  *arr arr arr*  *nnngawa*  We wait on director for next cave cue!  *grunt grunt*  Hmm...  Two *cute* cavemen...  Prehistoric times couldn't have been too bad afterall!
Zoot suit riot!  Sticks Smith and Big Jim -- Don't mess wif 'em cuz they'z tuff!
The budget on *Action* must be pretty tight -- The Raiders are moonlighting as security guards.  I am EL SMITTERINO!  Thee musical bandeeto!  The boys audition for the remake of "Lawrence of Arabia"...
"Ya think anything bad will happen if we turn this wheel?"            "Naaah...  Let's turn it already..."

THE END OF THE ROAD: Unfortunately, after two highly successful years, ABC-TV made the decision to cancel Action, much to the disappointment and dismay of the show's fans...not to mention the groups' fans.
Special thanks to the Raiders, Tina Mason, Linda Scott, Steve Alaimo, Keith Allison, the Knickerbockers, the Robbs, the Hard Times and the Action Kids for making it a fun trip.  You gave a lot to us kooky fans!