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Even More...


These pictures are from
The Zucchini Festival
in Hayward, California...

These performances were in August of 1998...

(Mucho lotta thanks to Carol & Rob for the pics on this page!)


"Where The Action STILL Is"...

Drake, Smitty & Phil, who's high-steppin' it there on the right.


"The  Twins" - The Kid & The Fang



Neat Raider Tidbit:  The jacket that Smitty is wearing is one of Phil's original Raider ones.

It now resides in the Experience Music Project in Seattle, WA, along with the "Fang" Vox Phantom IV bass.


Another Raider Tidbit:  YES--That is an original Raider hat!

All the tri-corn hats in these pictures are the originals...  Pretty cool, huh?








Hey!  It's an open dance floor up front!

(Anybody know how to Pony?)






Signing autographs after the show...

(I bet the guys had writers' cramp, but I'm sure it was worth it!)

The Zuke Fest '98 show was the last public performance in which Smitty participated...THAT I KNOW OF.  If I'm wrong, don't hesitate to let me know so I can keep this site properly updated!

Thanks much!
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