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This is the place for pictures of everything ranging from concert performances & autograph signings to just candid shots someone was lucky enough to capture.

These pictures are from the

This performance was on April 15, 1966 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

(Thanks to Betty for these pics!)

Beat those drums, Smitty!  Go man!  GO!

(On the left, that's Mark with the sax, Phil is behind him and on the right, you can see a little bit of Paul.)


Front row in Little Rock!

(Harpo, Phil, Mark and Uncle Paul)


These pictures were taken at Pacific Ocean Park on August 13, 1966 during a taping of...


There's a thrill upon the hill... Let's go, let's go, let's go...

Mike "Smitty" Smith giving his autograph.... 

(That's Paul Revere behind him.)


Doing "Thrill On The Hill"...

(Note Keith Allison in Paul's Raider hat!)


Drake checks out a Raider hat...

Look who's visiting!  It's Drake Levin!!!

(He was still in the Army at the time, but stopped by to see his buddies.)


Phil "Fang" Volk chatting with fans...

(Note Paul & Smitty immersed in their own conversation in the back...)


Jim "Harpo" Valley and Drake Levin

Smitty hamming it up during "Thrill On The Hill"...


More "ACTION" at Marine Land

December of 1966


Smitty and "Hoss," the Raider Roadie

(Just FYI: Smitty is wearing Phil's jacket!)


Seated: Mark; L - R: Harpo, Smitty, Paul and Phil (on the far right)

(Is Smitty playing that drum with his face?!?)




(Got some great shots?  Contributions are gladly welcome!  Please share!)

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