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Frequently Asked Questions
(A free service of the Mike "Smitty" Smith Page... Really!)

By now, I'm sure there are some things here that have you scratching your head, wondering, "What in the heck is she talking about anyway?"  This page is here to help clear your muddled mind...or it might muddle it further.
Umm...  Dunno.  Either way, here it is!

Q: Who is this Mike "Smitty" Smith person? 

A: In case you haven't read over at least a couple of the articles on the site, Smitty was the drummer for Paul Revere and The Raiders back in the 60s.  He was discovered while playing guitar at The Headless Horseman in Oregon and the rest is history.  His real full name was Michael Leroy Smith, but from what I understand, his friend Al Dardas was the one who nicknamed him "Smitty".  In March 2001, Smitty was called for a gig in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.  Sadly, it is permanent.

Q: Why a site for him?  

A: I think the seeds for this site were originally planted when someone said, "Who would buy a record album just for HIM?"  That kinda hurt me, especially considering the fact that I had just purchased the Indian Reservation LP a couple of weeks previous, solely based on the fact that Smitty was on the cover.  (Yes, I am a fan girl.  I enjoy it immensely.)  Since then, I've enjoyed assembling this little web tribute to him.  I've made several friends over the past couple of years and I know I made one certain Raider VERY happy. 

Q: What did Smitty die of?

A: Smitty's passing is a very personal issue with me, one that I've been struggling to recover from ever since it happened.  I understand that people are curious.  That's perfectly normal and I can't fault them for it.  However, I have been asked this question so many times, I'm ready to scream.  That is why I'm addressing it here.  Reasons behind Smitty's death are listed in the articles found on my Memorial Page, but for all intents, purposes and certainly for some final closure, it was natural causes.  Now let's go back and remember the happy times, m'kay?

Q: Is this an official site? 

A: Urhm...  Yes and no, I guess.  It's "official" in the sense that it's the only site on the Internet solely devoted to Smitty and has been seen not only by Michael himself, but also his family, friends and former band mates.  No one has objected to the content and all I've received is encouragement and compliments, so it's safe to say that this site might eventually become officially "official" someday.  The only reason it's "unofficial" would be cos I just upped and decided to DO it.  And I did, too.

Q: Where can I find a recipe for nifty lentil soup?  

A: Try a search on Google...or if you listen to "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards, there's supposed to be a recipe hidden there!

Q: Is this site endorsed by Paul Revere or any members of the Raiders?

A: No.  As I mentioned earlier, I've received many compliments on the site and have been told to "keep it up" by friends, family and Raiders, but that's as far as any "endorsement" goes.  I receive no royalties or gratuities for this site--It's here because it is an act of LOVE.  (Hey, best thing I got for this site was Smitty's support and the greatest example of "happy" EVER.)

Q: Cool artwork!  Where'd you find it?

A: I drew it, babe.    All cartoony Raider artwork on this website is my creation and copyrighted by me.  If you want to use it, please ask.  I would love it if you would!

Q: Is there any way I can purchase a copy of the Memorial picture?

A: Without getting into a bunch of legal jargon and gobbledygook, no.  However, I'd be willing to trade one for proof that you've sent a $20 donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund in Smitty's name.  This is NOT merchandise and NO PROFITS are being made.  It's CHARITY.  Maybe that will prevent any further fuehrer about it.

Q: If you were a bean, what kind of bean would you be?

A: Anything but a has-bean.  *badda-bing* 

Q: Are there any other Raider tribute sites?

A: As far as "official" sites go, there are at least four now, which can easily be found on any search engine.  However, I'm choosing to list the "unofficial" sites first, since I consider them to be "sister sites" to this one.

These are the "official" sites:

Q: Who ARE you, exactly?

A: Simply put, I am THE SmittyGirl, world's biggest, self-proclaimed Mike "Smitty" Smith fan.  Huzzah. 

Q: Did you know Smitty?

A: Yes.  I'm proud to say he was my friend and I still love him very much.

Q: Is there any way someone can contact you? 

A: Yes, via my email on the main page:  While I love email, please NO SPAM and NO HATE MAIL.  I haven't checked my mailbox lately, simply based on those reasons, so to the writers of the real mail, I sincerely apologize.  I love you guys and appreciate you and I PROMISE I'll get caught up!  Honest!  (Don't look at me that way--It makes me feel all squirmy inside...)

Q: What's the point of the "Trippy" page? 

A: That's my little tribute to those sites with graphics that induce migraines and nearly cause your eyeballs to melt clear out of your skull.  During my first foray onto the Internet, I was greeted by an endless number of those kinds of sites.  Thankfully, most of them have dropped the gaudy backgrounds, but there are still some out there...

Q: I didn't get the result I wanted when I took the "Who's Your Inner Raider?" Quiz!

A: Try again, intrepid web surfer.  You'll get it eventually.  And no, Gary Lewis is NOT an available option.

Q: What on earth is the "Razz Art Gallery" and why isn't it up yet? 

A: Good question.  I ask myself that all the time.  Self?  Why isn't the Art Gallery up?  Because I haven't had enough time to get all my artwork sorted through, scanned and properly arranged on the site yet.  It's taking me forever cos I just won't stop drawing!  When the Razz Art Gallery--which, by the way, features nothing but artwork by yours truly, Der SchmittyGurl--is finally restored, it will be a site unto itself and I will have the link listed in the Main Gallery for your convenience.  Right now, my friend Diva has a page which is like one of the wings of the aforementioned R.A. Gallery.  I think you should go visit it HERE.

Q: I tried the "Dress A Raider" page and...why, they're all NEKKID! 

A: Ah-ah-ah--Not so fast there, Porn Police.  There's no REAL nudity on that page!  Pixelated cartoon Raiders in their BVD's does NOT count.  You weren't trying to take THOSE off, were you?  You ARE the Weakest Link--Goodbye! 

Q: How often do you update the site?

A: As much as possible, which is whenever time allows.  Anytime there are changes to the site, the date of the updates is listed on the splash page, as well as inside the site, next to each of the sections that have been changed.  My fuel for working on the site is plenty of Raider music, creativity, imagination and....COFFEE.  Lots of it, too. 

Q: How long do you plan on keeping this site up?

A: FOREVER. *said with authority and determination*

Any questions I might have missed?  Let me know!  In the meantime, head back to the main Gallery for some more of the usual fun around here...

*Note: The bobbing kaos on this page were found scattered all over the Internet.  I'm not sure who originated them, but aren't they CUTE?*
*If you know the ORIGINAL CREATOR of these little darlings, please let me know so I can give them credit!*
*Oh, mystery artist--Where are you?*