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The Paul Revere & The Raiders Fan Fiction Page

Did you ever have a favorite daydream?  Ever wonder "what if"?  You've found the right place for sharing!

This is the Raider "fanfic" library.  There aren't loads of stories here yet, but it's gaining a little momentum--I've written 10 stories so far this year!  (That's a lot for me, considering how many irons I have in the fire.)  In time, I hope to see this section of the site grow.  It's a great chance for anyone to let their imagination run wild and just about anything goes.

If you would like to submit a story (and I would LOVE it if you would!), please email me at  If you feel a little embarrassed about revealing your identity, just let me know and we'll give you a nice pen name or you can be "A. Nonnie Mouse".  For this section, I am accepting stories with nothing higher than a PG-13 rating.  (Anything that's a little more....ah...."intense" will be saved for another part of Doin' The "Write" Thing... *blush*)

Before you begin reading, a few things should be made clear.

Now grab a Twinkie and a glass of milk and flip through the pages of a good short story....


Life After Raiderdom...?  (a short skit)
International Raiders of  Mystery
The Wild and Wooly West!

Renaissance Raiders
"Action" On The High Seas
The Great Vampire Strike of 1966
Point and Click  
Not Exactly Grecian Formula

GX-342 or The Raider-Bot

(I'm writing as fast as I can!)