On Sunday March 18, 2001, a memorial service was held for Michael "Smitty" Smith at the Old Kona Airport in Kona, Hawaii.  The event was largely organized by his friends/extended family in the Islands, primarily Shelly Minick, who brought it all together.  

The service began at 2:00 PM Hawaii time and featured Sea Water, the last band in which Smitty performed.  Also on hand were several more of his friends and fellow musicians from Hawaii, his former wife Brenda and their two children, Rio and Jenna.  Jenna also sang with the band, giving a very moving performance.  A surprise appearance was made by Mark Lindsay, who sat in with Sea Water as well.  Selected passages from Paul Revere's Memorial Guestbook were read in addition to the musical performances.

The most poignant moment was when the band played "Waiting On A Friend".  A double rainbow is a very rare and beautiful sight...and as if cued by a much higher power, one appeared at that moment.  Smitty would have loved it.

The gathering at the Old Kona Airport was intimate, but that did nothing to diminish the spirit that was present there.  

Many thanks to:

Shelly, Thomas, Mia, Kimo and Martin (The Kona Family) for being friends and doing so much in all of this.

Sea Water - You had a great man in that band.

Jenna - Keep singing, girl.

Mark - Glad you didn't wear your glasses in the Headless Horseman many moons ago...


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Many thanks to Heather Ratliff for these...

Sea Water Band & Mark LindsaySea Water Band & Mark LindsayKona, Hawaii Memorial

Brenda Smith & Mark LindsayTommy Fuchs & Mark LindsayHeather Ratliff & Mark LindsayDeb Lindsay & Shelly Minick

Smitty's Rainbow

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