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Mr. Michael L. Smith...

...Also known as "Smitty"


When this particular page was first created, its purpose was to let Smitty know that he was still loved and appreciated by his fans.  Unfortunately, someone hacked into the messages and screwed them up for me.  (I am still seething over that one.)  I have since canned my account with THAT service and moved the salvaged messages here for everyone to read.

I would like everyone to know that Smitty DID see the messages before they were hacked and he really did appreciate them.  You made him feel a lot of love and the last time I spoke to him, he emphasized just how much it meant to him.  Thank you all so much.


NAME: Janice Klemme

WEBSITE: The Phil "FANG" Volk Fan Page


Dear "Smitty",

Please know that there are a multitude of your fans out here anxiously awaiting your return to the stage!  I have been a Raider fan since the first episode I watched of "Where The Action Is".  I saw you all in concert twice in the 60's.  You were the only band I ever went to see in person.  I belonged to the Raider fan club and later followed you, Phil, and Drake as you formed the Brotherhood.  I also have been able to find all those albums, and really enjoy your music.

The ultimate thrill was meeting all of you in Portland in '97 for the reunion concert.  I was there early with Phil & Tina and was privileged to meet you and watch you all as you rehearsed for the big event.  I was front row center for the concert.  A thrill of a lifetime.  30 years in the making, and well worth the wait.  I was unable to be at the Zuke Fest in '98, but heard it was again a wonderful show.  So come on Smitty, we all want to see you back on stage where you belong with Phil and Drake!


Love 'ya,
Janice Klemme

NAME: Rob Heiler



I met Smitty twice.  First at the Raider Reunion Show in Portland Oregon.  I asked him to autograph my ticket to the show which he did.  I became tongue tied and the only thing that came out was "The best man in my wedding is also named Mike Smith".  I'm sure it sounded pretty weird.

The following year I saw him at the Zuke Festival in San Francisco.  Smitty smiled for practically every picture I took during the show.  The highlight, by far, was when he agreed to pose for a picture with me.  I'm sure he wouldn't remember it, but it was a big thrill for me.  A picture with a member of my favorite band who just happens to play my favorite instrument!

Smitty, I hope you are able to begin writing again, and maybe even recording.  I was too young to know what was going on the first time around.  But, I'm definitely with you this time!  You have a lot of fans out there and maybe you would consider us friends too.  Do what makes you happy. 

My best,

NAME: Carol Cox

WEBSITE: Drake Levin 


As a Raider fan of 35 years, I have some great memories.  Seeing you all on ACTION and falling in love with the group and the music were some of the highlights of my youth.  Those antics and that music got me through my adolescence and I thank you for being part of the gift that made that possible.

Move forward 30+ years to the Zucchini Festival in 1998.  I had no idea what to expect when I saw that you, Phil and Drake were going to be there.  You all just blew me away, it was wonderful seeing you onstage and it was obvious that the audience loved you.  But, even better for me was the chance to say a few words to you after the show.  I was able to tell you after all these years that this kid had a pic of you in her high school locker and how much I enjoyed your work.  Let me tell you it was a real thrill to be able to meet you and exchange a few words.

I hope to see you onstage again soon, maybe even with the American Rock All Stars?  Until then, take care, stay safe and know that there are many of us who think and care about you.

Carol Cox

NAME: Susan Schell



First off, let me say I'm only 16, but I am far flipped on Paul Revere and the Raiders, and have been for 2 years now.  That's hard to do when there isn't much Raider action these days and I'm constantly bombarded with new dopey, teenybopper boy bands, but I have kept the spirit inside me.  I have always considered myself a "Fang Girl", but Smitty has been right up there on my list of favorites because I see a lot of myself in him...don't ask me what, because I couldn't answer, but I'm sure all of his fans know what I mean.  I would give anything to see him and know he's doing well and see him perform.  I'd love even more to see the Brotherhood, because there's hardly any of that stuff floating around now, and I feel sooooo left out.  I love ya, Smitty, and keep on doing what makes yourself happy, cuz it makes your fans happy, too!!!

Susan S.

NAME: Gary Belich



Yes, Smitty, you are most SORELY missed!  I, along with MANY people here in Minnesota, would LOVE to see you back on stage doing what you do best.....MAKE MUSIC WITH DRAKE AND PHIL!  My only other dream in life is to see the Dave Clark 5 back together, and we know THAT will never happen, so it's UP TO YOU, BIG GUY!  Thanks for all the enjoyment and fond memories thru the years.

Take care buddy!
Gary Belich
Duluth, MN

NAME: Mama Rocker

WEBSITE: Beatles, Monkees & Raiders (Oh My!)


[singing with gusto] "Sm-i-i-i-ty!  Smi-i-i-i-ty!  Where oh where have you gone (come home, come home)"

The world needs you!  Don't be such a stranger to us all.  I'd truly love to see you up on stage drumming again.  The world needs good drummers.  Y'know there are tons of cats that call themselves drummers, but you sit them down at a drum kit and they can't keep a beat at all - they can't drum themselves out of a wet paper bag (they're all drum rolls and nothing else).  That's why the world needs you to come back.  We need really great drummers who can carry on the dying tradition of good ol' 4/4 rock and roll!  And Smitty, dear, you're one of the best!

Please don't be such and elusive mystery any longer.

Your admirer and fellow rock star,
Mama Rocker
(of "Cobalt Blue")

NAME: Bill Sanders



Hey Smitty!  Get back out there man.  The fans want action and I would love to see you back on the skins again.  I know you have to miss it!  I played percussion for 32 years around Nashville and it drives me nuts when I can't play.  So come on, Smitty, get back out here and give your drumming fans more inspiration!

From a fan you inspired to play!
Bill Sanders
Columbia, Tn. 

For some more truly heartfelt and loving messages, you must...

I suppose you're all wondering where MY message is?
My message to Smitty was, has been, and always will be this site itself.