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"A word of love can make a world of difference." SITE NEWS!

Greetings from the SmittyGirl!


    MERRY KRIMBLE!  Or so spake John Lennon.  Wait....Wrong website.  *heh*

    After a horribly long hiatus, I'm back with a few slight updates and naturally, plans for more.  Let's face it, people--Any website worth its salt is ALWAYS "under construction".  Geez, you wouldn't want it to get stale, would you?  Heck naw!

    Read for a couple of little updates?  Me too.

  Christmas has arrived at the Trippy Page!  If you've ever seen A Charlie Brown Christmas, you'll recognize this one.  And if you ever forget the true meaning of the holiday, Linus will be more than happy to remind you.

  I'm not sure how many of you visit the Memorial Guestbook on Paul Revere's site, but I try to visit it at least once every day.  It's always heartwarming and rather sobering to read everyone's sentiments about Smitty.  Unfortunately, that page crashed and none of the first year's worth of messages have been restored.  Since I've tried to document everything Smitty-related since I first got the bug for him, I saved as many of the entries as possible.  I feel that these messages NEED to be read.  They must be shared!  Therefore, they now reside here as an archive.  If your message is missing, please let me know and your thoughts will be added to the page.

    You can still sign the original by going here: Guestbook

    I just added even more messages.  Remember, they are in ascending order--meaning the most recent ones are first--and you can still scroll down the page and read thoughts from Phil Volk, Drake Levin, Keith Allison, Roger Hart and even Dick Clark.  Now a year and a half later, those posts still never fail to make me cry.  My heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who has signed so far.  It is appreciated.

  Wonder why there's a Smitty site?  Need help with recipes?  Can't figure out that darn quiz?  Then the brand-spanking new FAQ page is just for you!  This is to help clear up any confusion about several things and to also answer those questions that are common visitors to my email box.

    If there are any I might have missed, please let me know.  Check back to see if your question has been answered, too!

I'm hoping to get the Raider-Grams page back up this year.  Bear with me!  There are a few toons that need tweaking, but they'll hopefully be posted in enough time for you to send a few to your fellow Raider Rooters.

If things go right, by New Year's, there will be some new additions to the Photo Gallery, as well as The Gratuitous Smitty Section.  A BIG thanks goes to an anonymous friend for providing me with more wonderful pics of....well....who do you think?  *wink*


    Online quizzes and surveys.  They're all the rage, it seems.  You can take a test that tells you what flavor ice cream you'd be or what Beatle you most resemble or what color underwear you should wear to match your personality.  The possibilities are truly endless!  I've become a sucker for these quizzes, so I created one of my own.

Who's YOUR "Inner Raider"?  Click here and find out!

    It's pointless.  It's silly.  It's actually a lot of fun!  If you don't get "your" Raider on the first try, take it again!  Who knows which Raider you'll end up as?  If you give up, click the link at the bottom of your results page.  And remember, this is all in fun!  Don't take it personally if you think you have a "Fang" personality and end up as a "Smitty"!


    Anyone who has surfed the Net for any extended period of time has surely run across what are known as "cartoon dollz".  I have to say these are the cutest little things I've ever seen.

    I've been working on a page featuring Raider versions of these little dolls.  I'm not quite finished, but have a peek anyway...

    I'm constantly adding to that page--The boys have an endless wardrobe, you know.  Keep checking back to see what else their cyber seamstress has made them!  Suggestions for outfits are welcome!

Click here to advise on Little Raider wardrobe...

"One of the best blues guitar players, not into the hall of fame yet..."
--Mike 'Smitty' Smith, on Drake Levin, 2000

Wailin' Blues Man...                                                   Click here to ask about the new CD...As I hope most of you know, Drake "The Kid" Levin is the premiere blues guitarist in the San Francisco Bay area.  He currently has a CD he recorded with the Curtis Lawson Band and it is a blast!  Levin has some seriously blistering solos on this one--I highly recommend it!  
You want details?  You want the CD?  
Go to the Drake Levin site NOW!

I said GO!  Go already!


    While I was away, some interesting things have happened...  I got to meet Peter "Herman" Noone and I also was lucky enough to see him perform with his Millennium Edition Hermits.  That same night, I saw Paul Revere & his current Raiders, who put on a spifftastic performance themselves.  I'll never be able to listen to Nancy Sinatra again without snickering, though.  *snerk*

    And when Paul mentioned Smitty, you KNOW I had to stand up and say something.

    Okay, so I screamed.  If you were there, you now know which one I was.

    In totally non-Raider related news, I am currently feeding my new Harry Potter addiction, what with the release of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.  Incredible movie.  You'll never think of slugs and spiders the same way, though, I can guarantee that.  *yikes!*

    And just for good measure, here is that pic of Toon Smitty dressed in Hogwarts (well, Gryffindor) regalia again.

"Wingardium Leviosa!"     Hey--Is it spring yet?  I'm counting the days till my vacation--and there's SO much we're all planning to do already.  Let's see how much we can get accomplished.

    May you all have a Happy Krimble and a Very New Year!

    All for now...


   The SmittyGirl